Contentful Management API (CMA) how to upload references

This is not documented. If it is, please show me where.

To upload a reference field, ensure the reference already exists, and upload an object containing the sys key whose value is an object containing type linkType and id

Example: you have an Entry with id: MY_PARENT_ID with a MY_REFERENCES field.

      .then((space) => space.getEnvironment(this.config.environment));
      .then((environment) => environment.getEntry("MY_PARENT_ID"))
      .then((entry) => {
        entry.fields = {
          MY_REFERENCES: { // replace with your own multi reference field
            "en-US": [
                sys: {
                  type: "Link",
                  linkType: "Entry",
                  id: "my_reference_id"
              // ...repeat as needed

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