Mac — Remove Touchpad Drag Delay with BetterTouchTool (free)

The mac has a drag release delay on the touchpad.

Say you start to drag a file via tap+tap hold drag: pretty standard.

As soon as you release though, you notice the window is still attached to the pointer. No, you don’t have drag lock enabled (er, you might), you have some built in “feature” to keep the window attached even when your hand goes off the touchpad.

This can be useful but for me just messes with my workflow since it’s hard to predict.

Luckily, BetterTouchTool takes care of this, along with MANY other awesome features missing from the OS, including windows 7 window resizing, custom gestures (I have my 4 finger swipe moving spaces).

More on BetterTouchTool here:

To remove the drag release delay…

Install BetterTouchTool and navigate to its preference panel.

Go to the touchpad settings, and in the general tab, click the experimental drag button.

Let me know if it helped!


  1. cmd says:

    Yes, that helped. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    That drag delay was making me go nuts and always pushed me back to using a mouse when there was work to be done.

    1. Yuji Tomita says:

      Hey, I’m glad it helped. Thanks for sharing! I’m now very used to the mac, but the wired mouse still bugs me…

      That tool has TONS of useful features, like windows 7 style window snapping (Move window to top edge and have it expand all the way), move again to reduce to original size.

  2. A guy from Thailand says:

    Amazing!!! Thanks a lot, Yuji. I’ve been looking for this kind of fix for a long time 😀

  3. pravdomil says:

    I have updated url you can find it here

  4. Mansi says:

    Hello. How can I fix this on the latest version of the app?

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