Assembla / Git — Delete a Repository within Space


Deleting a git / svn repository without deleting the whole space.

I gave up since I couldn’t google the answer.

Deleting repo:

Go to the space specific page, where you see all the repo tabs.

Click Admin tab.

Scroll to “tools”.

Click the “more” link on the right of  “tools”

Delete specific repositories on the right sidebar under “installed tools”

By the way, assembla is a host for Subversion and Git version control. They offer 2gb, FREE and PRIVATE hosting for git.

I highly recommend them.

9 thoughts on “Assembla / Git — Delete a Repository within Space

  1. Thanks, that’s good to know,. However, how do you delete a project/folder WITHIN a repository without deleting the whole repo? Searched like crazy all over the assembla site but could not find any tool or option for it.

    1. Hmm I’m not sure. What versioning system are you using? It might not have a web interface if it’s specific to the system. I use Git so I’d check out the copy, delete some folders, commit the change, and push it to the assembla repository.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help… I’m using Github now.

      1. I’m using SVN on Assembla, apparently there is no way to delete or rename a project folder without deleting the whole repository as described above. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        The REASON it’s needed at all is because I needed to perform an important rename of the project, which changed the project folder name on my working copy, HOWEVER for some reason the refactoring did NOT trigger a rename in SVN on assembla. Thus making it ugly and out of sync. The workaround ended up being backing up ALL my projects from svn/assembla, removing the svn option per the instructions above – which deletes the repo, and then enable the svn option again which creates a new repo, which I then in turn can add my projects to again with the correct names. Tedious yes, but it gave the wanted result.

        I’m using Eclipse with the official svn plugin called Subversive. If it’s a flaw in the plugin or a limitation in svn I don’t know. Suffice to say, refactoring should always be reflected in the repo, on whatever level is it performed. I will def. look into GIT since more people seem to use and recommend it.

    2. I guess there’s a limit to nesting comments : )

      Sorry to hear about your troubles, I switched from SVN before becoming too familiar with it, so I’m afraid I can’t relate.

      On the bright side, projects changing name doesn’t happen too often!

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