Django/Python — How to Track Email Open Rates


I just finished some email tracking software, and I’m going to explain very quickly how it works.

My newsletter sender appends a specific image to the end of the email, with a specific get request that identifies the recipient.

Lets say I have a subscriber model, full of emails. I send the email: “Hello”

subscriber = Subscriber(email='', name='Yuji Tomita')
subject = 'testing open tracking'
body = "hello'
new_body = body + '<img src="/open-tracking/?id=%s" />' % ( 
send_html_mail(subject, new_body, "", [])

This sends an email with an image embedded that identifies the subscriber.

Now, for the view to handle the image request. It must return a valid image or else your html email will often have a broken image icon. Here’s how to pass back an image in django:

def track-open-emails(request):
     if 'id' in request.GET:
        #do something with the id, which tells you that specific subscriber has opened the email.
     #do something to record that an email has been opened.
     image_data = open("/path_to_image/", 'rb').read()
     return http.HttpResponse(image_data, mimetype="image/png")



  1. Best oezebio says:

    I request somebody to sponse on my university studies

  2. Nifty! Thanks for sharing. I was curious how people did that and didn’t realize it would be so simple.

  3. Attila Sumi says:

    Hy Yuri!
    I know it’s an old post, but i hope you will answer my post.

    1st of all thanx for the method, i’ll try it soon.
    But there is a question which does not leave my head to rest:
    what if the reciver mail client (outlook etc.) disable any img default.

    Is this method tracking when the images are disabled in a client?

    Thanks for your answer.

    best regards

    1. Yuji says:

      Hey there,

      Sorry but I’m not familiar with other ways of tracking email opens – they would be a combination of the image technique and other methods listed in the wiki page.

      I would ask or google more ; )

      Good luck!

  4. Đạt Phạm says:

    Hi all, default,the Email doesn’t allow to auto the image , so we can not tracking .
    If you have another solution , please help me to share it.

  5. vivek singh says:

    Hey Yuji,

    I am trying to implement the same in my code, but struggling to implement because i am very new to python and Django. Will be very helpful if you can share the complete code to me.

  6. GIrish says:

    Hey Yuji,
    I am trying to implements the same but my request is not rendering from mail server to localhost. I used hashed id with image. but not able to understand logic behind please help

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