Hubspot API undocumented “Options” format

HubSpot documentation ignores how to format the "Options" field in their API calls.

Their examples always leave it empty.

It returns an “Incorrect JSON format” error straight from Java if you try to pass an array of values.

The correct format is


I’m not sure what doubleData does.

Safari Flexbox Hidden Placeholder Bug

I’ve discovered a relatively difficult to reproduce bug with Safari and Placeholder text / blinky cursor not appearing upon input focus.

If you have flexbox elements that are hidden, then revealed later, the placeholder won’t render and no cursor will render.

Sublime Shortcut for Toggling Find/Search “In Selection”

Sublime has shortcuts for almost all of the common search operations.

Find in file.
Find and replace in file.
Find and or replace in entire project.
Use regex
Match case
Match whole words

In selection is a very common, and useful tool.

You can add it by adding this to your user key bindings. I picked super+alt+s, which follows the rest of the search hotkeys. It overrides the "save all files" command, but only when the search window is open.

Plus, I hardly use that command, and when I need to, I use the command pallete.

    { "keys": ["super+alt+s"], "command": "toggle_in_selection", "context":
         { "key": "setting.is_widget", "operator": "equal", "operand": true }

Get Instagram oAuth Token

This should be rather simple but there are no 3 step tutorials to do this. I’ve even done it multiple times in the past. Bullet points:

1: Register an application in instagram’s developer page.

2: Take the CLIENT ID from the newly created app.

3: Log into the instagram account of the client that you want access to

4: Visit the following URL, replacing client_id and redirect_uri with the ones you defined in your application.*****************&redirect_uri=*************&response_type=token

5: Accept. NOTE: If you are using this to use a javascript / frontend / non serverside method of communicating with the API, ensure you add &scope=basic to the URL*****************&redirect_uri=*************&response_type=code&scope=basic So that a publicly available key can’t be abused.

6: You will get your token in the redirect_url in the form of a hash (#<ACCESS_TOKEN>)

7: Profit

Removing Shopify Admin Bar

The admin bar keeps adding new tricks, like adding top: 40px to any fixed elements.

Try this:

try {
document.addEventListener(&quot;DOMContentLoaded&quot;, function(event) {
try {
var element = document.getElementById(&quot;admin_bar_iframe&quot;);
var html = document.getElementsByTagName(&quot;html&quot;)[0];
element.parentNode.removeChild(element); = &quot;0&quot;

} catch(ex) {}
} catch(ex) {};

function removeShopifyAdminBarHeights() {
$('[style=&quot;top: 40px;&quot;]').css('top', '');
$(function() {
setTimeout(removeShopifyAdminBarHeights, 500);

Using Jinja from string with django 1.8 – undocumented

Django documents how to specify a template engine via


But not what custom template engines are named.

You can specify a "NAME" parameter to your template configuration to reference it from django.template.engines.

template = engines['jinja'].from_string(template_code)

Wacom Alternative – Huion h610 Pro is Amazing

EDIT: I take this all back. Wacom is king. Unfortunately. Those patents are rock solid. I sadly have now purchased more than 4 Wacoms, and 3 Huions or so.

I have owned many Wacom tablets.

I own 3 right now, an Intuos Pro Medium, Intuos 4 Wide (wish they kept this dimension), and a Bamboo.

My Pro broke after a month, and while I trust it will be replaced with the warranty, I need a tablet now, and I didn’t want to drop another $350 while I wait.

I finally tried a Wacom alternative, and it is quite frankly amazing. The Huion H610 Pro for $80 or roughly 1/4th the price.

It works out of the box on my Retina MBP with Yosemite (Q1 2015 latest) with no drivers necessary. This is huge. Tablet driver issues even between Wacoms is a pain. Reinstalls, clearing crazy folders via command line, etc.

The only cons is that it requires you plug in the pen (which feels no different to me than a Wacom tablet), but you’re not fumbling with batteries. It’s just another simple USB cord that plugs directly into the battery.

Wacom has a patent on the most effective wireless/powerless pen technology, and is why they have a stronghold on the market and can control prices at will. Going third party means adopting a battery powered pen.. which until now I thought would be a huge bother. It’s not bad at all. The pen is the same size and light.

In general the whole thing is lighter / has slightly lower build quality, but that doesn’t matter to me. My Wacom’s get abused and especially the new, black PRO line gets ugly fast from use.

If you’re looking for a tablet, just get this thing. Buy the Wacom when you can afford it. It’s kind of like buying a nice car vs an economy car. They both do similar things, and both have justifications.

I like to buy top of the line for things I use for work. I will go back to a Wacom when mine is repaired, but this Huion is nothing short of impressive! Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Here’s my referral link:
Huion H610 Pro Graphics Tablet

For the price, just buy it. I expect 0 support on this thing, or warranty. It’s 1/4 the price.

Django Admin Attribute Decorator

Due to the extremely repetitive nature of setting method attributes for django’s admin, I’ve thought of coming up with a better way to manage those for years.

Finally implemented a decorator that does such a thing gracefully:

def admin_method_attributes(**outer_kwargs):
    """ Wrap an admin method with passed arguments as attributes and values.
    DRY way of extremely common admin manipulation such as setting short_description, allow_tags, etc.
    def method_decorator(func):
        for kw, arg in outer_kwargs.items():
            setattr(func, kw, arg)
        return func
    return method_decorator

# usage
class ModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
	@admin_method_attributes(short_description='Some Short Description', allow_tags=True)
	def my_admin_method(self, obj):
		return '''<em></em>'''

Mailchimp API how to submit booean values via form post data

Mailchimp’s API can be a bit of a nightmare if some systems are relying on raw encoded form data, while the API often works best with JSON.

Merge vars in the following format are valid via form post: merge_vars[foo][0][bar] but very difficult to convert to a JSON payload on the server side if one needs to modify it slightly.

If you absolutely want to retain the form data and not convert to JSON, just know that you can send a boolean "false" via the existence of a post key with a blank value.

I’m not sure how it’s done for boolean "true".