DKIM record gotcha

deadwalrus says:

The linode guys responded to my ticket. Apparently adding the is a nono. They informed me that their DNS server automatically appends and that having “” messes it up.

So, I changed the entries from “” to “_domainkey” and it worked properly.

This was not a big deal since the linode team responded so quickly – although this is counterintuitive because it relies on a specific unpublished feature of the linode DNS manager. I migrated over from Slicehost and their DNS servers most definitely require that your txt records be entered as “”.

Ahh well. Thanks again.

This is how mine looks for the DKIM TXT entry:

Leave out of the domainkey.

Name: should be selector._domainnkey
Value: should be the unquoted key=value pairs. This is not immediately clear from DKIM “install” instructions on various websites as they tell you it should be a single line record. Linode DNS manager abstracts this a bit, I guess.


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