jQuery UI Draggable Table Rows Gotchas

by Yuji

I ran into a few Gotchas while dragging table rows. One was an easy fix, the other took some guesswork.

Can’t drag individual TR elements

If you set a “TR“ element to “draggable()“, it will not work because we don’t know how to handle a moving TR element (TRs must be in a table to render properly).

To fix this, wrap the TR in a table temporarily while dragging via the helper option.

                helper: function(event) {
                    return $('<div class="drag-row"><table></table></div>')

Sortable / Droppable doesn’t work on TR elements, or TR elements disappear during drag

The second problem I ran into was a little more obscure. Your droppable and sortable selectors MUST be applied to a “<tbody>“ tag.

I noticed that when I had the normal “<table><tr><td>“ structure and dragged, jQuery created a <tbody> element to contain the rows.

 $("#my_selector tbody").droppable().draggable();