Grove Server Upgrade

I’m moving Grove’s backend servers to a bigger VPS for some planned extra load on the site.

While the occasional terrible unix-glitch-that-I-don’t-understand happens, I think the risk is worth the reward.

Today’s problem was due to an incorrect static IP address setting leading me on a wild goose chase. That, and trying to SSH to the wrong IP address leading me on yet another wild goose chase messing with my firewall.

Downtime went from a planned 12 minutes to a total of around 30-45 minutes as I swapped the DNS from one server and back a few times.

Lesson learned: do not deal with your server at night. Take it down mid-day when your brain is at its peak. Hah! (I will probably never do that, but it actually makes sense.)

I’ve decided to start going to some Python user groups and hopefully make some friends in the industry. When it comes to server stuff, you really need some friends you can count on calling 🙂


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