Sublime Text 2 (Beta) – Project Specific Settings


I need to make a sublime plugin that requires per project settings (API keys, passwords, etc.) which sublime doesn’t implement.

The latest update added a method to list all folders (active_window().folders()) open in a project, which means I can build a Settings class that searches all files for a specific settings file.

from ConfigParser import RawConfigParser

class ProjectSettingsMixin(object):
    Create project specific settings. As of Jun 15 2011 - not supported by Sublime.

    Usage: mix this class into any sublime text base plugin class
        ex: class MyCommand(sublime_plugin.WindowCommand, ProjectSettingsMixin)

    Uses the python ConfigParser library.

    Access settings via self.settings.get('header', 'key')
    SETTINGS_FILE = 'sublime.config'

    def get_project_settings_file(self):
        Find project specific settings in a folder called "sublime_settings"
            - there is no support for project specific settings as of June 15, 2011.
        for folder in self.window.folders():
            johnnie_walker = os.walk(os.path.abspath(folder))
            for directory, _, files in johnnie_walker:
                for file in files:
                    if file == self.SETTINGS_FILE:
                        return os.path.join(directory, file)
        raise Exception("Could not find settings file {0} in folders {1}".format(
            self.SETTINGS_FILE, self.window.folders()))

    def settings(self):
        if not hasattr(self, '_settings'):
            config_parser = RawConfigParser()
            self._settings = config_parser
        return self._settings

This method ensures the expensive os.walk() is only done once.


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