Data Modeling — Free OSX Entity Relationship Diagram Software


I searched for mac ERD software for a while, and couldn’t find anything but crap, crap ports, over-built (for my needs), or $100-$500 a license software.

Of course there was a ton of windows apps, but not for OSX.

I had to turn to stackoverflow for help on this one and thanks to sfinnie from Scotland found an obscure, fantastic piece of software called yEd Graph Editor.

Here’s the current state of the new Grove software that will also share a common ground with upcoming Anuva software.

This gets better and better!

14 thoughts on “Data Modeling — Free OSX Entity Relationship Diagram Software

    1. Hey Wanda,

      I’m sorry but I have no idea. My criterial specifically didn’t involve reverse engineering features for simplicity. I wanted a pen and pencil replacement : )

      If you can’t find answers to your question on google, I’d highly recommend checking out

      Good luck!

    2. I dont know if you knew this but you can create ERD diagrams with Lucidchart after the fact by exporting your database schema to Lucidchart via the ERD shape library import function. It doesn’t generate the diagram but it does create a new library with the tables in it. If you drag out tables it will auto detect FK relationships.

  1. Creately is also a platform independent, cloud-based diagramming software to draw many types of diagrams. Can be used for UML data modeling as well. Just a addition for your valuable post. Thanks for sharing!

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