Slicehost to Linode VPS


This is hardly a technical comparison other than citing a benchmark. This is my experience in researching whether I should move from Slicehost to Linode.

The answer I got from my research is that Slicehost appears to be lagging behind due to being acquired by Rackspace. The bottom line though, is real hard data on performance, server hardware, cost per Storage GB, Ram, Bandwidth.

Slicehost acquired by Rackspace: management shift slows down progress.

Slicehost has been very behind these past 2 years — they have made no changes due to their being acquired by Rackspace.

They even admit it in their forums: they are disappointed with where they’ve gone. Lots of talk, no action, etc.

Slicehost admits fault on their forums.

You Guys Really Should…: Start trying to compete again?

When hit with the big question of: “your slices are expensive” their response is that they can scale if you suddenly get a ton of traffic on Christmas eve, which I have no doubt linode can do too.

I’ve read in slicehosts very own forums that many have been switching to linode over the years, including their guru base. I believe it!

In Slicehosts defence:  they claim you pay a premium for their support

But for me, my support has been great on both sides. Starting to claim you pay a premium for the quality, service, etc., is the last pitch you say when you can’t think of any other answers.

I’ve switched my DNS to linode, have used their clone service, resize op,  already submitted a ticket about / got an answer within 30 minutes.

Slicehost has better cloning/resizing, but how often do I use that..?

But to be honest, I don’t care about that too much. I’m not in a position to know how much work they did or didn’t do / what that means for the end consumer.

The bottom line is…

Linode wins performance benchmark of 5 VPS providers.

Check this VPS benchmark for the final answer:

Linode beats the other VPSes on the market. The margin is VERY significant. I’ve already read that Linode simply uses better processors as you can check on your slices vs linodes.

Linode performance /should/ be up considering better processors.

My linode has 4 x Intel Xeon L5520 @ 2.27ghz, 8192kb cache.

Linode: more stuff for your money.

So far, I’m loving that the same $20 buys me 360mb of ram on FASTER servers vs 256mb of ram on slower servers.

  • Linode: $20 – 360mb ram – 16gb storage – 200gb bandwidth
  • Slicehost: $20 – 256mb ram – 10gb storage – 150gb bandwidth

Some straight out of the box features I’ve stumbled upon in linode

  • Web console
  • Major downside of linode was not having clone backups. They added it last month.
  • Private IP for free in-datacenter communication (my backups)
  • Admin with CPU/Traffic/Disk IO graphs for past 24 hrs, 30 days, and archive.
  • Auto reboot
  • One click server deployment scripts (I used one that sets up fail2ban, basic iptables, apache, django_wsgi, postgres / db…)
  • Ability to use different kernels. I used a recovery partition already.
  • Cool SSH access by whitelisted IP only. non whitelisted IP login attempt generates email to you to ask if you want to whitelist it. Simple. Effective.
  • Notifications on cpu/disk/traffic over certain threshold
  • and find the rest yourself! they have money back guarantee and it’s not like it’s expensive.

Here’s a referral link to linode


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