Linode — filesystem is read-only after cloning

Quick tip here for those who just cloned a linode and their newly cloned filesystem says it’s read-only.

As a relative newblet to Sys Admin stuff, I submitted a ticket and got an answer in 30 mins w/ the solution.

Indeed, I did a clone while the source system was online.

The fix

  • Make a new boot configuration in the linode manager.
  • Load the finnix recovery kernel, mount the 3 disks as shown in the image. The finnix partition, your partition, and your swap.
  • Don’t forget the initrd image at the bottom.
  • Boot the system
  • Launch ajax console
  • Type in..
fsck /dev/xvdb
#note: xvdb is the second slot in the mounted disks in your setup. xvdc if you used the third, dvdd if fourth, etc.

and if you don’t want to type yes over and over for a few days, append a -y to it.

fsck /dev/xvdb -y

Reboot your initial configuration, and you’re good to go.


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