Linode apache mod_wsgi django setup for future reference

My django server setup for future reference, because it’s too easy to forget exactly who’s talking to what file in 2 months.
Will put nginx front end proxy soon.
  • Apache listens on port 80
  • Port 80 is a VHOST in sites-available / apache2.conf
  • Apache Vhost points to WSGI Script in /srv/anuva/_project/apache/django.wsgi
  • WSGI Script adds anuva project to PYTHONPATH
  • WSGI Script defines which  anuva.settings as project, and django’s WSGIHandler processes the request.
  • Apache displays request.

Things I’ve done this time for better management:

The project itself is now in a folder called anuva_project, alongside a logs folder, and apache folder.

I can now add all project specific things in one folder instead of everywhere. Logs are easily accessible instead of at /var/log/apache2/site .

I can add a directory for site specific python packages by adding the directory to the pythonpath in the WSGI script.


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