Reviews of Anuva Wine Tastings in Buenos Aires


I thought I should share a few great write-ups of Anuva Wine Tastings in BA written recently.

Travel Writer Jon Brandt has great things to say about a wine tasting he attended last weekend

“I’ve been to wine tastings before in Sicily and in Mendoza, but this was different. Rather than being rushed through a distillery with a guide who doesn’t fully reach fluent status, we were in Karlin’s home, and we were quickly made to feel like old pals.

Karlin is actually an American expat, so aside from his perfect English, he had a different perspective to give us for restaurants, politics, and culture. This isn’t a lesson that should be taken for granted, and to be honest I think it’s one of the best and most distinguishing qualities of this experience.”

San Telmo Loft had a similar experience, with great pictures and write ups of each wine served.

“He wanted to be reassured that the wine tasting was going to be run by professionals who would not only pour from bottles but be able to answer his questions and guide him to the must-visit bodegas (wineries) on his trip to Mendoza.

We decided to call the various places. Several places were not able to answer our questions at all. In essence, you go there, pay to taste the wines, and have zero guidance or discussion about what you are tasting and why these wines were chosen. Also, we didn’t want a full dinner with the wine tasting. We really wanted to focus on the wines. Paired with the appropriate foods, yes, but not a full meal.

Sarah, the Tasting Room Director at Anuva Wines, answered the phone. She answered all of Andy’s questions and showed such knowledge and professionalism that we knew Anuva was the place.”

I’m glad to read that both appreciated the wines, the wine knowledge, and personal service.

If you’re visiting  Buenos Aires any time soon, consider booking a tasting early in your trip,  because we’ll be sure to recommend nearby restaurants, activities, and answer any questions you might have during your stay.

For more reviews, visit TripAdvisor


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