Django to PHP


First few days on PHP from django. No I am not switching. I will definitely use django for projects built from the ground up, and I will probably use PHP for really simple stuff.

I like how easy its going to be to extend stuff like WordPress to fit the needs of casual sites that don’t need a monster built from scratch.

Good GOD it’s at least a hundred times easier to learn this after programming experience. The first time you have to learn it from the backend to the front end. PHP would have been so much easier to learn than django with no prior server experience. At least it’s as simple as FTPing a freakin file for most providers.

With django, the programming itself is well documented, but you have to learn a little bit about what’s normally split into at least 3 or 4 other jobs titles to run your own server.

Also, not having a database abstraction layer is pretty awesome in a sense. Django’s ORM didn’t require me to use much raw SQL, so.. I was spoiled. Dealing with PHP will force me to learn SQL, which is a good thing.

Php? Plop down a file in FTP. Wow that’s easy.


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