Death Metal City — Ridiculously Over The Top Hilarious


This is a manga that was made into an anime and live action WHICH I CAN’T BELIEVE. The content is SO over the top obscene I can not believe it is acceptable in Japanese culture. I mean live action!? For a manga to make it to Anime and live action, it has to do really damn well. It sold 2+ million copies.

Update: don’t even take a glimpse at the live action. Whew that’s bad. Turns out it’s harder to be crazy in real life. That’s an interesting realization. It takes something like animation to believe in a ridiculous character, because no person could possibly look serious acting one.

I’m almost ashamed to admit this was hilarious to me because it’s SO absurd. Oh well.

If Genshiken is geek-funny this is just southpark absurd funny. It’s instant gratification too, because the characters talk fast, and the episodes are only 12 minutes. We’ve literally started watching media in FAST FORWARD.

It will start at this 1.2x speed rate, then it will be 1.5x and soon we will be watching everything at twice the speed.

Its f*cking hilarious. No other way to describe it.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure how funny it is in English.  I suspect it’s funny in English, but the show touches on heavy subjects that have to be delivered right or it will be too real/offensive.   :3

The fact is that over the top humor in this particular flavor can’t be found anywhere else (we’re talking about Manga/Anime/Japanese here)


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