Find the things in life that make you cry.


I just read “Find the things in life that make you cry” and couldn’t agree more.

Life’s pleasures to me are the things that move me so much I am in tears.

Why do we cry? Sadness is obvious. But what about those times you are deeply moved by something? I seem to be chasing /that/ particular high my whole life.

Sad things make you “feel” but I think it’s the most basic of feeling. You can watch or read sad stories and cry. You’re filled with emotion and it feels good.

I’m not sure what crying is, but it’s definitely not always sadness. It’s appreciation, or something deeply moving. Something that hits your heart. Maybe pure emotion. What’s going on in the brain here? It’s definitely not a “joy”, or a high from a drug. It’s a pure expression of one kind.

A few things move me like that:


This is the most surprising to me. When music moves me to tears, I think I find myself in two camps for explanation. I’m not married to the first camp, while I know the second explanation has some truths.

  1. Sometimes, the music feels so “good” and I appreciate the complexities or uniqueness of the piece so much that I cry.
  2. Most of the time, I think music is tied to storytelling. Music tells a story, and I can be moved in the same way a story moves me. There are some beautifully melancholy songs that move me to tears probably with a mix of sadness and then appreciation.

For example this: moves me to tebars. I associate it very strongly with the movie it was created for so I can’t get rid of my story bias here, but say minute 1:00, that strange instrument is so powerful. It’s so fluid and the tone so sad that I have a great appreciation for the raw emotion it can pull out of me.


Stories can move you. I always have this opinion that stories are “real”. There’s this thought that if something is fiction, then you won’t be as moved. Well, in my thought experiments I’ve come to the conclusion that “real” and “fake” mean nothing to a story.

An extremely touching story is touching fake or not. Imagine this: you were moved to tears by some rescue operation on the newspaper. Turns out that was fake. Ooops. It’s fake, but how it touches you is the same.

Sci fi fans have always appreciated this. Sci fi books are often all about philosophy that can only be explored through another world. If the world was like “this”, then what would happen?

What moves you in a story? Well unfortunately this one depends on how you were raised and thus your values. I can’t claim here that there are any universal values that will touch all.

Perhaps a story of a tragic love everybody might relate to, or perhaps not? Human attraction for one another is something we all have, but the values that would make a story tragic, heroic, disgusting or boring depend on the person.

Everything is in the eye of the beholder. Music? Music taste depends on which notes you were grown up with.

I asked this question once and found an answer. The human brain enjoys (as in releases “good feeling” chemicals, like when we eat food) musical combinations where the ratio between the two frequencies is simple, like 1/4, 2,/3, 4/6, etc.

Absolute frequency doesn’t matter (X hz), there is no truth in a specific absolute note, but it will sound appealing to YOU if your culture promotes those sets.  This is something that can be learned, so you can start enjoying music from another culture, it’s just that it is definitely a learned skill, not set by birth.

So, because I’ve been raised with the Japanese base notes (which use the same ABCD frequencies as Western music, but the core of it is a different pattern) I can enjoy that music as well as some crazy combination of my inter cultural tastes.

Anyways, as much as I want to go enjoy the things that make me cry, they don’t make any money for me, so I must keep moving on.

One day though, if I can work with what I am passionate for my life would be complete.


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