Photoshop CS3 — AdobeAssetServicesCS3.exe Slowdown


Okay, I’ve been having intermittent photoshop SUPER slowdowns and finally tracked it down (i think). We’re talking, “I can’t even use the internet” slowdowns, with mouse skippage and all of that stuff. 


The bottom line might be that you are using Adobe’s file viewer in thumbnail view. I think the thumbnailer is looking through / reading the contents of EVERY file you flip across to try to generate a thumbnail, which would explain the seemingly random processes I found where AdobeAssetServicesCS3 was reading into stuff like huge CD ISOs on my desktop.

Googling this term gives me absolutely nothing. I expect this blog post to get to the top of the google results for it (AdobeAssetServicesCS3) because all I found were auto generated pages.

Anyways, I tracked down an old post from some CS3 beta people who asked about this same exe. I can’t read the thread they linked, but they posted an excerpt:

“It sounds like you are using the Adobe Dialog for Open or Save correct and most likely have the view set to show Thumbnails. That process provides the ability to generate thumbnails for various file types in those dialogs. We’re going to take a look into what might be going on here. Thanks for the post.
– Adobe Photoshop QE “

So there you have it. Go back to OS filesystem view.

My System specs are:

Vista Ultimate 64 bit
E6600 @ 3.0ghz
4gb DDR2-1066 RAM
Seagate 7200.9 RAID 0 

I’m not sure what systems are affected, but it could be a 64bit issue if nobody is crying about it on the internet aside from myself. 

Hope it helped somebody!


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