Linux — Edit files on your server directly from your desktop with SSHFS

Fantastic. I migrated our project to a production server environment and started to lose my workflow as I was forced to use many terminals at once.

At home, I tend to have a combination of 4 terminals up and a few GUI editors as well. Some things are better done with one, and some with the other. I use the terminals for directory surfing and making small changes. While I use a GUI app like Kate that splits into 6-8 pieces to work on bits of code.

Anyways, my solution right now is to mount my server onto my local filesystem.

If you are on Ubuntu, just apt-get install sshfs, and mount a directory just by typing:
ssfhs USERNAME@IP:/PATH/TO/DIR /MOUNT/PATH You might have to specify a port with -p if you are using a non standard ssh port (you should).

So, I’ve got my server mounted on my desktop. Fantastic.

Unmount with
fusermount -u /MOUNT/PATH


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