Photoshop — Utterly annoying “save as” bug. DPI setting won’t change


These are the kinds of problems that make me want to harm something fuzzy.

I am doing label registrations for our wines, and the person who sends them into the ttb verifies the labels by literally printing them and measuring them. Well, she only takes files that are 150DPI.

DPI is Dots per Inch (pixels) which is only used to calculate printing size. An image has a set amount of pixels, your ‘megapixels’ rating on a camera means your pictures have that many pixels in them.

So: ‘saving as’ in the most recently updated Photoshop CS3 fails to save DPI information to the JPEGs. It utterly corupts the file.


I save as JPEG, and the file resolution is read at something like 381 DPI vert/horizontal. I’ve tested this and it is dependant on how big the file is you are trying to save (pixel size). Even after opening it up, photoshop reads it as the correct resolution (150DPI in the image settings menu) but will NOT save the DPI metadata, no matter what.

So I am forced to “save for web” which saves at 92DPI, then open it separately, convert it to 150DPI, and save it again.


Fix your ‘save as’ feature.


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