ATi vs Nvidia Graphics Card Giants. Genius Marketing.


These guys are the two heavy hitters in modern day graphics cards. The cards that run 3D simulations like video games, autoCAD, 3D modeling, and all that jazz.

These two companies have GENIUS marketing. They have been sued and fined over price fixing whereby the two companies agree on pricing schemes to sell their products better.

It just occured to me today as I looked for a cheaper graphics card that their pricing and model numbers are absolute genius.

Take the 8800GTX. This baby was $600 when I bought it last year. It is now something like $300.

The 8800GTS is out, which is a much slower card. Then the 8800GT came out, which is actually faster than the 8800GTS.

Finally, the newest generations numbers are always a new thousand digit (like 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000) and we have been introduced to the 9 series.

But this is the genius part: They ALWAYS do this:

There are always the new “9 series” like the 9600GT. the 9500.

It makes people think they are better than the older 8800 series but they are not. A 8800GT outpreforms the 9600GT and 9500 any day. So this genius marketing is that they always leave you confused, especially those who haven’t learned to use the internet for unbiased reviews (takes digging).

Its just amazing marketing. 90% of people out there know nothing, and this is who they market to.

Here is how a typical graphics card description sounds:
“The latest technlogy lets you run any game at max resolution!”

It’s a load of crap. But genius marketnig. To what extent are Nvidia and ATI partnering I wonder? Who says that last price fixing wasn’t the end? Perhaps these cards are put on the market much higher than they really should be?

Price fixing by the only 2 chipmakers in the marketplace would be utterly effective. You could inflate the price of these parts and nobody would have any idea. The “top of the line” would still be the top of the line via controlled competition. I wonder if that price fixing scandal was the end of it.


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