To Do


I must export our very short blog list to a new wordpress blog and set its domain name to our subdomain. We would get much more traffic there, as evidenced by what this blog does for catching keywords. It helps with a million+ traffic site automatically indexing your tags and linking.

I also need to define a structure for our information portal and create it in such a way so that content is easily added. Graphics too. I’m reluctant to use DB for this because it may require maintenance that I don’t want to do. Perhaps I can either write a very simple web app that writes to FILE or use Django and have it backup the DB.

Information portal questions: How to make it stand out above the rest? It needs user content. User comments on the locations we write about. User submission of new places and a user rating system for other users & submissions. Map integration. Picture sharing. User profiles. It will be a social community. I’m not sure the legality here but a facebook app that ties into this site would be useful. I know facebook hogs their user data (any data in an app is theirs) so I’m not sure how happy their lawyers will be about this.

Massive brainstorming required but I have no time to focus on that at the moment, which sucks. Okay, finish the website first.


Needs member discount for current members.

if user.client_set.get(user=user).active_member:

discount = memberdiscount

#Needs to be applied at checkout & possibly regular store display. I could pass something in the context identifying what prices to show.
What else?

Ratings? Is that a good idea? A simple message board? Video integration?

How about club affiliate programs? We could set up sites to promote all kinds of clubs while mainly showcasing our wine club? It could be used as a traffic generator.


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