Website Idea


Shipping zones are a pain to figure out. I’m surprised there isn’t a kind of website plastered with ads like the “what time is it” sites.

I should make one in my free time, along with some calculators that integrate with UPS/FedEx/USPS

Why? I need to build a shipping table / zone table for Anuva anyways.


FK Zone

FK Zone
1 – $x
2 – $y
3 – $z

state = State.objects.get(code=OR)<=4).reverse()[0]?

That sounds like a terrible way to go.

Filter the price list by qty so you only see the right prices, reverse them to make [0] the last item, and take that item?

(1 or more, 2 or more, 3 or more, 4 or more)
Filter by at <= 2
(1 or more, 2 or more)
(2 or more, 1 or more)
2 or more = price / bottle

Works.. but seems dirty.


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