I work much better at night.

I work much better when there are zero distractions. No people, no sounds, not anything. Right now it is 2:44AM which is getting late. I feel like I Just woke up though.

I consistently flow more at night. In fact, I’m not sure I have ever gotten into flow during the day while there is so much going on. Phone ringing, people talking, people moving, the world outside moving.

Unfortunately I need to sleep soon, even though I am only starting to get most productive.

Tomorrow there are two of our new guys coming in which is a great (quantitative) distraction. It doesn’t help we have a tasting tomorrow as well. I certainly hope I can meet my deadline for next friday.

Pseudo functioning replacement up & looking all nice.

I doubt I can get all of the shipping calculations working by then so perhaps we will start the marketing with only the club, as previously planned.


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