X of the month clubs.

Hows that for a business idea? There are many club-of-the-month businesses out there. Toys, ice-cream, fruit, wine, beer, movies, whatever.

How about offering a “?” of the month divided into broad categories?
Food. Fruit. Entertainment.

I think customer satisfaction is difficult for every one of these though..

The main question when it comes to these X of the month clubs is:

  • Partner with drop shippers to make this work?
  • Partner with other X-of-the-month clubs to supply the goods?
  • Actually find the products yourself?

There are cigar clubs but not cigarette clubs. I see rolling paper clubs.

I know I used to love trying new brands of cigarettes. How about a club for it? I certainly would have signed up.

Legal issues aside, logistical issues:

  • What to stock? People won’t want the same pack again, so what do we do? Keep a DB of all cigarettes one has tried.
  • Hell, I want em all at once!
  • I guess this depends on what kind of $ you want to put into inventory for startup.
  • If we stocked 20 kinds, 10 premium US, 10 imports, we could set up a schedule, depending on what you like.

The biggest barrier is most likely legal/accounting for per-state taxes. The product itself is relatively low cost.


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