Things I really have to remember doing every day.


Read some new online marketing articles every day. Every time I accidentally come across marketing research, I always find myself shocked at how useful it is to read that stuff. I always say: “I need to be doing this every day”. Yet I don’t. I really have to work on that.

Reading about new ideas keeps your mind fresh. It snaps you out of the angle you have unknowingly entrenched yourself in.

Nearly everything you can read about marketing applies to your product. Short copy vs Long copy. The difference between when customers are taken to an Order page.

This makes me realize we also need an online marketing strategy calendar where we lay out a few things that MUST be done, like writing newsletters every X days. Many of these ideas require organization/discipline to be implemented. You need a whole lot more discipline if you don’t organize.

This post itself is an idea: Is there a way to utilize the fact that there are things one should do every day but never do? A web app that easily sends you reminders in the mail?


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