Opportunities to keep in mind.

The huge domain parkers are hundred million dollar operations that automatically buy up word combinations and analyze the traffic over a period of time to determine whether to trash the name or to keep it.

Is there room here for anything? The only thing I can think of is to create BETTER content on the parked sites.

Even the best cookie cutter/automatically generated parked ad pages are far from dedicated content sites.

Perhaps there is room to automate this on a smaller scale?

No doubt setting up a few base templates to auto generate store-like leads to amazon will work much better than the usual parkers (which are generally powered by a list of text links).

Perhaps a human “guided” parking system would be good to monetize?

  1. Human guided Category selection (Broad: Electronics, chairs, gifts, etc) per url
  2. Human guided sub category content creating.. Automatically amass USEFUL content as excerpts in separate sub pages. Basically the equivalent of a ‘Product’ page, all automatically created.
  3. Automatic evolution towards higher performing categories per site. Scrap under performing products.

I wish I got to this battlefield 10 years ago, but there are always more possibilities.

I’ve been researching dating sites (the thought has come up many times in relation to wine) and my initial conclusion is that it will take manpower like never before.

There may be a market for niche dating sites that are more geared towards professionals and higher income brackets. For the highest of income brackets there have always been personalized dating services that connect you across the world.

Anyways, I agree with this quote here that internet startups are going to change drastically soon as costs have shot down.


Man, how many times have I thought to myself over the past 3 years that I need to start many projects that can grow on their own? Its not laziness that stops me from doing them, it’s the complexity of the task that forces it to the back of your brain within a day. Without a plan to tackle an immense problem like this, my brain simply does not want to deal with it (even though I feel like i do).

Its the beast called procrastination: We continually naively think there will be a time in the future when we are less busy. So great ideas get put off, because surely you can and will tackle it in the future right? But in the real future, you say the same thing.


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