Issues embedding OpenType Fonts in Flash

Actionscript 3, Flash, Linux

Fonts are a real pain to deal with in flash. To do anything useful with them you have to embed them.

For example, you can’t change a textfields alpha without embedding it, or using some hack like turning it into a bitmap and changing the alpha on that. Look at this previous post for how to embed the fonts for alpha control.

I have ttf fonts working as such:
[Embed(source = "C:/Windows/Fonts/Verdana.ttf", fontName = "verdana")]
public static var verdana:Class;

but OTF won’t work in the same manner. I have tried using systemFont as well, but this is also a pain for various reasons.

I am simply trying to convert these OTF fonts to TTF, and can’t find many reliable windows programs. Widows makes everything a pain.

FontForge allows you to convert easily but naturally it is open source and Linux. I am working on installing Cygwin the project that tries to create a Unix like environment on Windows.

But this is another pain. These days I’ve been wondering how useful a Mac would be at this point.


2 thoughts on “Issues embedding OpenType Fonts in Flash

  1. Hi – i’ve come up against the same issue your talking about 😦 Have you had any luck with progressing or soliving it?

  2. Hi Eamonn,

    I have had no such luck, although I have not used the linux OTF converter. The problem is that I develop flash on windows because of my photoshop workflow / flashdevelop so using linux programs is a little clumsy for me.
    At some point though, I will go entirely linux. The main obstacle for me is photoshop (i’m too attached)

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