Fundamental problem with the world: people believe what they want to believe.

China says the Dalai Lama is a terrorist.

I keep reading lots of Chinese responses who agree that “China is doing well and therefore I think the government should send in the military to Tibet to stabilize the country for the Olympics”

The Chinese consider this “Western media vs China”. Well this reminds me of something. “Western” refers to the democratic philosophy. But the problem with Tibet and China is that the majority is not right. In a democracy the assumption/hope is that the majority is RIGHT. But propaganda goes a long way to make the majority WRONG. The Chinese think of the Dalai Lama as hindering Chinese growth. They don’t consider the past. Nevermind… I guess you could say that about America and the Native Americans. huh? I stand defeated. I usually do. It all supports my theory that nothing matters.

That is the big problem with everything though. Nobody cares whats actually right. In the states or anywhere else. There are people who believe in Dracula even though the guy it was named after has nothing to do with the stories. Coverage of this “fact” will only create MORE believers. Aren’t people hopeless?

That’s why academia is so interesting. It is the only place where what is RIGHT actually matters.

Yet its depressing at the same time, because it only matters in academia. What is that.. less than 1% of the world? (1% is 60,000,000 people)

I’ve found that the bleeding edge of technology is similar to academia, except that it has great economic clout and the greatest of reach. The interesting part is there but the depressing part is not. In the end, the bleeding edge is a business whereas academia is simply academia (knowledge for the sake of knowledge) with overlaps in business. This way you get the best of both worlds. The same methods and thought processes as academia but always with a practical purpose in mind.

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge AND business.

So, in the end? nothing matters. People believe what they want to believe.

I hope one day I can read the news and simply not care. Until that day, the news will continue to be terrifying.


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