SVN Tweener breaks previous versions. Revision 389

Actionscript 3, Flash

Did updating to SVN Tweener break everything?

I had downloaded Tweener from a few months ago but needed to use it on a few GlowFilters. After doing some research I find out that the SVN trunk has support for GlowFilter and various other special properties.

After updating Tweener the rest of my Tweens broke. I started getting these errors:

## [Tweener] Error: The property ‘_blur_blurX’ doesn’t seem to be a normal object property of [object MovieClip] or a registered special property.

I looked into and saw that they were labeled _Blur_blurX (capitalized letter) but that didn’t solve the problem.

I finally stumbled upon a forum post saying you must manually initialize the shortcuts so they are registered as specialproperties.

Basically, import whatever properties branch you need, like


Then, before you use Tweener:


Done. It all works as it used to.

Tweener.addTween( mc, {delay:1, time:2, _blur_blurX:3 } );

2 thoughts on “SVN Tweener breaks previous versions. Revision 389

  1. I found this post while experiencing the same problem. As mentioned uses a _Blur_blurX property, with a capital B.
    The example code doesn’t use this capital B. So when experiencing this problem, make sure you’re using:
    Tweener.addTween( mc, {delay:1, time:2, _Blur_blurX:3 }

  2. Hi Paul,

    Are you talking about my example code? My example purposely doesn’t use a capital B.

    After running FilterShortcuts.init(), all worked as it always used to, with _blur_blurX šŸ™‚

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