Buenos Aires is covered in smoke.

I am inside my apartment on the 11th floor in Buenos Aires, windows closed. I am breathing in smoke. Why?

Because somebody decided to do an agricultural burn expecting the wind to blow in the opposite direction. It blew towards BA and now you literally can’t escape the smoke.

It’s very strange not even having the /choice/ to leave. This has to be bad for you.

It’s real bad as you get closer north. You can’t see more than a foot in front of you. At least in mist you can breathe. I’d take a picture but I would need to open a window.

I think it’s getting worse. It looks hazy INSIDE. This is very bad for you.

I took a picture outside and I felt like a hurricane photographer or something. Being somewhere you are not supposed to be. At least a hurricane is “you live or you die” –this just eats away at you.

I felt like a hurricane photographer.


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